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About Us

For over 50 years, our founders have molded the company from a startup to a national multi-brand service pioneer. Our brands provide janitorial, landscape maintenance, floor care, staffing, and construction management (handyman) services to a wide variety of customers.

Our services are provided through a network of licensees, and licensed contractors or journeymen with skills and experience that meet and exceed our standard of professionalism and excellence.

We service over 50,000 commercial, industrial, and retail customers in more than 90 metropolitan areas. We provide both interior and exterior services, from basic janitorial services to specialized maintenance. Our janitorial staff are all specially trained in the most advanced cleaning technologies, so we can handle complex sites, exotic materials, and emergency calls on demand. We work with property managers of multi-tenant buildings and individual tenants in their own buildings or in office parks. You can rely on our “Customer Focused Service” to provide innovative, practical, and professional property maintenance solutions to your facilities. Our goal is to establish and maintain productive and long term relationships with our customers while working together to achieve common business objectives.

Our handyman division has been servicing almost all of the claims and repairs for many property managers, rental property owners and homeowners associations (HOA) for over 15 years. Our professional attitude and personalized service has a reputation of its own among our customers, and word of mouth advertisement has made our service what it is today.